• May 20, 2020

How to Write Bestselling Novel After Bestselling Novel Like Clockwork

Have you been to the bookstore recently? Have you seen the rows and rows of books that are filled with such wonderful stories and fascinating characters that you can’t help but to wonder what it takes to create such an expression of creativity? Do you wish sometimes that it could be your name on that row of paperbacks, with your picture on the back of that book, giving people such a wonderful pleasure that one can only get from reading a really good book?

Well, wish no more, because you are only one step away from making those dreams a reality. There is only one thing that is keeping you from turning your wish of writing a fascinating novel into the reality of actually doing it. It isn’t talent. It isn’t some special gift of creativity นิยายแปล. It isn’t divine inspiration that only a few humans are blessed with.

The only thing keeping your name from being on that bestseller list is your decision. You can make a decision, right? Of course you can. All decisions are the same. Once you set your intention, the outcome is a natural result, and you are the cause.

The trick is to make a decision, and stick with it. Many people walk around with vague wishes, and hope that somebody else will make their dreams come true. While that is a tough idea to let go of, what is waiting for you on the other side is incredibly more fulfilling and prosperous. You get to choose your own reality. You get to design your future, figure out what it takes to make it happen, and then make it happen.

What is the biggest key to producing a bestselling novel? Patience and persistence. Not talent, not a gift from heaven, not being “discovered” while you are waitressing on the side.

Your task, if you want to write that bestselling novel, is to write. (Egads!) Everyday. Without fail. Shoot for a certain number of words per day, and don’t stop until you reach your limit. It doesn’t matter if they are gibberish, or make sense only to you. When write everyday, you will eventually unlock the creativity that exists inside of everybody. And before you know it, your novel will be finished, your agent will sell it, and you can start on your next one.


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